Feeling Extra Hungry? Add One of Dr Pizza’s Delights to Your Order!

Delight Your Taste Buds with These Extras

Because not everyone in your office or family may be craving pizza, Dr Pizza offers plenty of other items to delight your taste buds. Whether you select baked or deep-fried, our panzerotti is among the best. Come in and try it for yourself tonight, or perhaps you’re in the mood to try one of these crowd favourites:


Doctor’s Delights

Chicken Fingers & Fries
(seasoned & breaded fillets)
6 Wings & Fries
Fish & Chips
Onion Rings
S - $3.85 L - $6.75
French Fries
S - $3.00 L - $5.45
With gravy
S - $3.30 L - $5.95
(with mozzarella)
S - $3.85 L - $6.75
Garlic Bread
With cheese
With cheese & bacon
6 Breadsticks


Pop Cans (355 ml)
Pop (500ml bottles)
Chocolate Milk (473 ml)

Baked or deep-fried! Simply the best – see for yourself!

With cheese & tomato sauce
Additional toppings
Extra sauce

Chicken Wings
Our chicken wings are seasoned with a wonderful blend of herbs and spices and deep-fried until golden brown.

1 Pound
2 Pounds
3 Pounds
Extra Sauce

Served with your choice of tasty sauce:
• BBQ Sauce
• Hot Sauce
• Plum Sauce
• Honey & Garlic Sauce

Get 4 cans of pop for $4.99* with Any Order over $16.00!
* Excluding specials

FREE Garlic Bread* with Any Order over $20.00!
* Excluding specials

* Please note: All prices exclude taxes and are subject to change without notice. Delivery charge applies and there is a $15.00 minimum order for delivery. Specials cannot be used in combination with other specials or coupons. Prices subject to change without notice.